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Battle of Stone's River
Union Order of Battle - Center

Army of the Cumberland

XIV Army Corps

Maj. Gen. William S. Rosecrans

Center Wing

Maj. Gen. George H. Thomas

Provost Guard

9th Michigan Infantry

Col. John S. Parkhurst

1st (late 3rd) Division

Maj. Gen. Lovell H. Rousseau

1st (late 9th) Brigade

Col. Benjamin F. Scribner

38th Indiana Infantry

Lieut. Col. Daniel F. Griffin

2nd Ohio Infantry

Lieut. Col. John Kell (k)

Maj. Anson G. McCook

33rd Ohio Infantry

Capt. Ephraim J. Ellis

94th Ohio Infantry

Col. Joseph W. Frizell (w)

Lieut. Col. Stephen A. Bassford

10th Wisconsin Infantry

Col. Alfred R. Chapin

2nd (late 17th) Brigade

Col. John Beatty

42nd Indiana Infantry

Lieut. Col. James M. Shanklin (c)

88th Indiana Infantry

Col. George Humphrey (w)

Lieut. Col. Cyrus E. Briant

15th Kentucky Infantry

Col. James B. Forman (k)

Lieut. Col. Joseph R. Snider

3rd Ohio Infantry

Lieut. Col. Orris A. Lawson

3rd (late 28th) Brigade

Col. John C. Starkweather

24th Illinois Infantry

Col. Geza Mihalotzy

79th Pennsylvania Infantry

Col. Henry A. Hambright

1st Wisconsin Infantry

Lieut. Col. George B. Bingham

21st Wisconsin Infantry

Lieut. Col. Harrison C. Hobart

4th Brigade

Lieut. Col. Oliver L. Shepherd

1st Battalion, 15th U.S.

Maj. John H. King (w)

Capt. Jesse Fulmer

1st Battalion, 16th U.S. and Company B, 2nd Battalion

Maj. Adam J. Slemmer (w)

Capt. R. E. A. Crofton

1st Battalion, and Companies A and D, 3rd Battalion, 18th U. S.

Maj. Frederick Townsend

1st Battalion, Companies A and D, 3rd Battalion, 18th U.S.

Maj. Frederick Townsend

1st Battalion, 19th U.S.

Maj. Stephen D. Carpenter (k)

Capt. James B. Mulligan


Capt. Cyrus O. Loomis

A, Kentucky (3rd Brigade)

Capt. David C. Stone

A, 1st Michigan (2nd Brigade)

Lieut. George W. Van. Pelt

H, 5th U.S. (4th Brigade)

Lieut. Francis L. Guenther


2nd Kentucky (6 companies)

Maj. Thomas P. Nicholas

2nd (late 25th) Brigade

Brig. Gen. James G. Spears

1st Tennessee Infantry

Col. Robert K. Byrd

2nd Tennessee Infantry

Lieut. Col. James M. Melton

6th Tennessee Infantry

Col. Joseph A. Cooper

2nd (late 29th) Brigade

Col. Timothy R. Stanley

19th Illinois Infantry

Col. Joseph R. Scott (w)

Lieut. Col. Alexander W. Raffen

11th Michigan Infantry

Col. William L. Stoughton

18th Ohio Infantry

Lieut. Col. Joseph Given

69th Ohio Infantry

Col. William B. Cassilly (w)

Maj. Eli J. Hickcox

Capt. David Putnam

Capt. Joseph H. Brigham

Lieut. col. George F. Elliott

3rd (late 7th) Brigade

Col. John F. Miller

37th Indiana Infantry

Col. James S. Hull (w)

Lieut. Col. William D. Ward

21st Ohio Infantry

Lieut. Col. James M. Neibling

74th Ohio Infantry

Col. Granville Moody (w)

78th Pennsylvania Infantry

Col. William Sirwell


B, Kentucky Artillery

Lieut. Alban A. Ellsworth

G, 1st Ohio Artillery

Lieut. Alexander Marshall

M, 1st Ohio (2nd Brigade)

Capt. Frederick Schultz

3rd (late 1st) Division

1st Brigade

Col. Moses B. Walker

82nd Indiana Infantry

Col. Morton C. Hunter

17th Ohio Infantry

Col. John M. Connell

31st Ohio Infantry

Lieut. Col. Frederick W. Lister

38th Ohio Infantry

Col. Edward H. Phelps


D, 1st Michigan

Capt. Josiah W. Church

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