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Maj. Gen. Carter L. Stevenson




Born: September 21,1817

Fredericksburg, Virginia

August 15, 1888

Cariline County, Virginia


1838: West Point Graduate

1838: Brevet 2nd Lieutenant

1840: 1st Lieutenant

1861: Resigned U.S.A. Commission

1861: Lieut. Col. CSA


February 1862: Brigadier General

October 1862: Major General

Maj. Gen. Carter L. Stevenson

1838: West Point Graduate 42nd out of 45

1838: Brevet 2nd Lieutenant in 5th Infantry Regiment and assigned to Garrison Duty in Wisconsin

1840: Promoted to 1st Lieutenant

Second Seminole War

Transferred to Texas

Mexican-American War

May 8, 1846: Battle of Palo Alto

May 9, 1846: Battle of Resaca de la Palma

1856-1857: Third Seminole War

Utah War

1861: Returned to Virginia and offered his services

1861: Received commission as Lieutenant Colonel

Promoted to Colonel and given command of 53rd Virginia Infantry

When Gen. Beauregard transferred to the West, he took several officers which Stevenson was selected

February 1862: Promoted to Brigadier General

March 15, 1862: Reported to General Benjamin Huger and assigned to guard the Wilmington and Weldon Railroad

Shortly after was sent to Department of East Tennessee and command of a division

Was ordered to reinforce Colonel Rains, but then ordered to withdraw to better aid Chattanooga. This withdraw allowed the Cumberland Gap to fall into Union hands.

October 1862: Promoted to Major General

December 29, 1862: Arrived in Vicksburg

May 16, 1863: Battle of Champion Hill

May 17, 1863: Battle of Big Black River Bridge

Siege of Vicksburg

July 4, 1863: Surrendered with the fall of Vicksburg

Upon his parole, reported to Bragg's Army of the Tennessee at Chattanooga

October-November 1863: Chattanooga Campaign

1 May-8 September 1864: Atlanta Campaign

15-16 December 1864: Battle of Nashville

January-March 1865: Carolina's Campaign

March 19-21, 1865: Battle of Bentonville

April 17, 1865: Surrendered with Gen. Johnston at Bennett Place, North Carolina

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