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Siege of Corinth
Union Order of Battle

Army of the Mississippi

Major-General William S. Rosecrans


Second Division

Brig.-Gen. David S. Stanley

First Brigade

Col. John W. Fuller

27th Ohio

Maj. Zephaniah S. Spaulding

39th Ohio

Col. A. W. Gilbert

Lt. Col. Edward F. Noyes

43rd Ohio

Col. J. L. Kirby Smith (wounded)

Lt. Col. Wager Swayne

63rd Ohio

Col. John W. Sprague

Jenks Co. Illinios Cavalry

Capt. Albert Jenks

3rd Michigan Battery

Lt. Carl A. Lamberg

8th Wisconsin Battery (Section)

Lt. John D. McLean

F, 2nd US Artillery

Captain Thomas D. Maurice

Second Brigade

Col. Joseph A. Mower (wounded)

26th Illinois

Maj. Robert A. Gillmore

47th Illinois

Col. William A. Thrush (Killed)

Captain Harman Andrews (wounded)

Captain Samuel R. Baker

5th Minnesota

Col. Lucius F. Hubbard

11th Missouri

Maj. Andrew J. Weber

8th Wisconsin

Lt. Col. George W. Robbins (wounded)

Major John W. Jefferson (wounded)

Captain William B. Britton

2nd Iowa Battery

Captain Nelson T. Spoor

Third Division

Brig. Gen. Charles S. Hamilton

Escort: C, 5th Missouri Cavalry

First Brigade

Brig. Gen. Napoleon B. Guford

48th Indiana

Lt. Col De Witt C. Rugg (wounded)

Lt. James W. Archer

59th Indiana

Col. Jesse I. Alexander

5th Iowa

Col. Charles L. Matthies

4th Minnesota

Col. John B. Sanborn

26th Missouri

Lt. Col. John H. Holman (wounded)

1st Missouri Artillery

Lt. Junius W. MacMurray

11th Ohio Battery

Lt. Henry M. Neil

2nd Brigade

Brig. Gen. Jeremiah C. Sullivan

Col. Samuel A. Holmes

56th Illinois

Lt. Col Green B. Raum

10th Iowa

Maj. Nathaniel McCalla

17th Iowa

Maj. Jabez Banbury

10th Missouri

Col. Samuel A. Holmes

Maj. Leonidas Horney

E 24th Missouri

Captain Lafayette M. Rice

80th Ohio

Maj. Richard Lanning (killed)

Captain David Skeels

6th Wisconsin Battery

Captain Henry Dillon

12th Wisconsin Battery

Lt. Lorenzo D. Immell

Cavalry Division

Col. John K. Mizner

Division divided into two brigades

1st Brigade

Col. Edward Hatch

2nd Brigade

Lt. Col. Edward Prince


64th Illinois (Yates Sharpshooters)

Captain John Morrill

1st U.S. Siege Artillery

Captain G. A. Williams

Army of West Tennessee

Second Division

Brig. Gen. Thomas A. Davies

First Brigade

Brig. Gen. Pleasant A. Hackleman (killed)

Col. Thomas W. Sweeny

52nd Illinois

Col. Thomas W. Sweeny

Lt. Col. John S. Wilcox

2nd Iowa

Col James Baker (killed)

Maj. James B. Weaver

7th Iowa

Col. Elliott W. Rice

Second Brigade

Brig. Gen. Richard J. Oglesby (wounded)

Col. August Mersy

9th Illinois

Col. August Mersy

12th Illinois

Col. Augustus L. Chetlain

22nd Ohio

Maj. Oliver Wood

81st Ohio

Col. Thomas Morton

Third Brigade

Col. Silas D. Baldwin (wounded)

Col. John V DuBois

7th Illinois

Col. Andrew J. Babcock

50th Illinois

Lt. Col. William Swarthout

57th Illinois

Lt. Col. Frederick J. Hurlbut


Maj. George H. Stone

D, 1st Missouri

Captain Henry Rickardson

H, 1st Missouri

Captain Frederick Welker

I, 1st Missouri

Lt. Charles H. Thurber

K, 1st Missouri

Lt. Charles Green


14th Missouri (Western Sharpshooters)

Col Patrick E. Burke

Sixth Division

Brig. Gen. Thomas J. McKean

First Brigade

Col. Benjamin Allen

Brig. Gen.John McArthur

21st Missouri

Col. David Moore

Maj. Edwin Moore

16th Wisconsin

Maj. Thomas Reynolds

17th Missouri

Col. John L. Doran

2nd Brigade

Col. John M. Oliver

Independent Company

Illinois Cavalry

Captain William Ford

15th Michigan

Lt. Col. John McDermott

18th Missouri

Captain Jacob R. Ault

14th Wisconsin

Col. John Hancock

18th Wisconsin

Col. Gabriel Bouck

3rd Brigade

Col. Marcellus M. Crocker

11th Iowa

Lt. Col. William Hall

13th Iowa

Lt. Col. John Shane

15th Iowa

Lt. Col. William W. Belknap

Col. Hugh T. Reid

16th Iowa

Lt. Col. Addison H. Sanders (wounded)

Maj. William Purcell


Captain Andrew Hickenlooper

F, 2nd Illinois

Lt. J. W. Mitchell

1st Minnesota

Lt. G. F. Cooke

3rd Ohio (section)

Captain Emil Munch

Sergeant Sylvanus Clark

5th Ohio

Lt. B. S. Matson

10th Ohio

Captain H. B. White

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