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Battle of Gettysburg
Fight for McPherson Ridge

Confederate Official Records

Maj. Gen. Henry Heth

Commander, Division

Maj. J. Jones

26th North Carolina Infantry

Commander, Pettigrew's Brigade

Capt. J. J. Young

Quartermaster, 26th North Carolina Infantry

Lieut. Col. S. G. Shepard

7th Tennessee Infantry

The following units fought under

Brig. Gen. James J. Pettigrew

11th North Carolina Infantry

Capt. Francis W. Bird

47th North Carolina Infantry

Lieut. Col. J. Owens Rogers

52nd North Carolina Infantry

Col. James K. Marshall

Under Maj. Gen. Henry Heth

Heth's (old) Brigade

Col. John M. Brockenbrough

40th Virginia Infantry

Capt. Thomas E. Betts

47th Virginia Infantry

Col. Robert M. Mayo

55th Virginia Infantry

Col. William S. Christian

22nd Virginia Battalion

Maj John S. Bowles

Under Col. Birkett D. Fry

13th Alabama Infantry

Col. Birkett D. Fry

1st Tennessee Infantry

Maj. Felix S. Buchanan

7th Tennessee Infantry

Lieut. Col. Samuel S. Shepard


Union Official Records

Brig. Gen. James S. Wadsworth

Commander, 1st Division

Col. Henry A. Morrow

24th Michigan Infantry

Maj. John Mansfield

2nd Wisconsin Infantry

Lieut. Col. Rufus R. Dawes

6th Wisconsin Infantry

Col. William W. Robinson

7th Wisconsin Infantry

Col. Chapman Biddle

121st Pennsylvania Infantry

Col. Theodore B. Gates

80th New York Infantry (20th Militia)

Lieut. Col. Alexander Biddle

121st Pennsylvania Infantry

Lieut. Col. Alfred B. McColmont

142nd Pennsylvania Infantry

Lieut. Col. George F. McFarland

151st Pennsylvania Infantry

Col. Roy Stone

149th Pennsylvania Infantry

Col. Langhorne Wister

150th Pennsylvania Infantry

Commander, 2nd Brigade

Col. Edmund L. Dana

142rd Pennsylvania Infantry

Commander2nd Brigade

Lieut. Col. John D. Musser

143rd Pennsylvania Infantry

Lieut. Col. Walton Dwight

149th Pennsylvania Infantry

Capt. John Irvin

149th Pennsylvania Infantry

Lieut. Col. Henry S. Huidekoper

150th Pennsylvania Infantry

Capt. George W. Jones

150th Pennsylvania Infantry

Col. Charles S. Wainwright

1st New York Light Artillery

Lieut. George Breck

Battery L, 1st New York Light Artillery

The Following units fought under

Col. William R. Robeson

19th Indiana Infantry

Col. Samuel J. Williams

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