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Battle of Gaines's Mills
Union Official Records

Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan

Army of the Potomac

Organization of Troops & Casualties

Brig. Gen. Philip St. George Cooke

Commander, Cavalry Reserves

Col. George A. H. Blake

Commander, 2nd Brigade

Col. Richard H. Rush

6th Pennsylvania Cavalry

Lieut. Col. William N. Grier

1st U.S. Cavalry

Capt. Joseph H. McArthur

5th U.S. Cavalry

Brig. Gen. Thomas Francis Meagher

Commander, 2nd Brigade

Brig. Gen. Erasmus D. Keyes

Commander, IV Corps

Capt. Theodore Miller

Battery E, 1st Pennsylvania Artillery

Capt. James Brady

Battery H, 1st Pennsylvania Artillery

Lieut. Valentine H. Stone

Battery M, 5 U.S. Artillery

Brig. Gen. Darius N. Couch

Commander, 1st Division

Brig. Gen. Fitz John Porter

Commander, V Corps

Col. John F. Farnsworth

8th Illinois Cavalry

Capt. John C. Tidball

Light Battery A, 2nd U.S. Artillery

Capt. James M. Robertson

Batteries B & L, 2nd U.S. Artillery

Lieut. Samuel S. Elder

Battery K, 1st U.S. Artillery

Capt. John R. Smead

Battery K, 1st U.S. Artillery

Maj. Albert Arndt

1st Battalion New York Light Artillery

Commander, 3rd Brigade Artillery

Brig. Gen. George W. Morell

Commander, 1st Division

Col. Hiram Berdan

1st U.S. Sharpshooters

Capt. George E. Hastings

1st U.S. Sharpshooters

Capt. William B. Weeden

Battery C, 1st Rhode Island Artillery

Chief of Artillery

Capt. Augustus P. Martin

Battery C, Massachusetts

Light Artillery

Lieut. John B. Hyde

Battery E, Massachusetts

Light Artillery

Lieut. Henry W. Kingsbury

Battery D, 5th U.S. Artillery

Brig. Gen. John H. Martindale

Commander, 1st Brigade

Col. Charles W. Roberts

2nd Maine Infantry

Maj. William S. Tilton

22nd Massachusetts Infantry

Capt. Walter S. Sampson

22nd Massachusetts Infantry

Col. Horace S. Roberts

1st Michigan Infantry

Maj. Francis A. Schoeffel

13th New York Infantry

Capt. Shepard Gleason

25th New York Infantry

Brig. Gen. Charles Griffin

Commander, 2nd Brigade

Brig. Gen. Daniel Butterfield

Commander, 3rd Brigade

Col. T. B. W. Stockton

16th Michigan Infantry

Lieut. Col. John V. Ruehle

16th Michigan Infantry

Lieut. Col. Robert M. Richardson

12th New York Infantry

Lieut. Col. James C. Rice

44th New York Infantry

Lieut. Col. Hugh S. Campbell

83rd Pennsylvania Infantry

Brig. Gen. George Sykes

Commander, 2nd Division

Capt. Stephen H. Weed

Battery I, 5th U.S. Artillery

Chief of Artillery

Capt. John Edwards

Batteries L & M, 3rd U.S. Artillery

Lieut. Col. Robert C. Buchanan

4th U.S. Artillery

Commander, 1st Brigade

Capt. Joseph B. Collins

4th U.S. Infantry

Maj. Henry B. Clitz

12th U.S. Infantry

Capt. Matthew M. Blunt

12th U.S. Infantry

Capt. John D. O'Connell

14th U.S. Infantry

Maj. Charles S. Lovell

10th U.S. Infantry

Lieut. John S. Poland

2nd U.S. Infantry

Capt. Thomas Hendrickson

6th U.S. Infantry

Maj. De Lancey Floyd-Jones

11th U.S. Infantry

Maj. George L. Andrews

17th U.S. Infantry

Col. Gouverneur K. Warren

5th New York Infantry

Commander, 3rd Brigade

Lieut. Col. Hiram Duryea

5th New York Infantry

Brig. Gen. George A. McCall

Commander, 3rd Division

Brig. Gen. Truman Seymour

Commander, 3rd Division

Col. James H. Childs

4th Pennsylvania Cavalry


Lieut. John G. Simpson

Battery A, 1st Pennsylvania

Light Battery

Capt. James H. Cooper

Battery B, 1st Pennsylvania

Light Battery

Lieut. Frank P Amsden

Battery G, 1st Pennsylvania

Light Battery

Col. George S. Hayes

8th Pennsylvania Reserves,

1st Brigade

Maj. Roy Stone

13th Pennsylvania Reserves

(1st Pennsylvania Rifles)

Col. Horatio S. Sickel

3rd Pennsylvania Reserves,

3rd Brigade

Col. Albert L. Magilton

4th Pennsylvania Reserves

Col. E. Feger Jackson

9th Pennsylvania Reserves,

Commander 3rd Brigade

Col. James T. Kirk

10th Pennsylvania Reserves

Col. John H. Taggart

12th Pennsylvania Reserves

Brig. Gen. Henry W. Slocum

Commander, 1st Division

Capt. William Hexamer

Battery A, New Jersey Light Battery

Brig. Gen. George W. Taylor

Commander, 1st Brigade

Col. Alfred T. A. Torbert

1st New Jersey Infantry

Lieut. Col. Samuel L. Buck

2nd New Jersey Infantry

Capt. Edwin Bishop

2nd New Jersey Infantry

Col. James H. Simpson

4th New Jersey Infantry

Col. Joseph J. Bartlett

27th New York Infantry,

Commander 2nd Brigade

Lieut. Col. Jacob S. Frick

96th Pennsylvania Infantry,

Commander 5th Maine Infantry

Maj. Joel J. Seaver

16th New York Infantry

Lieut. Col. Alexander D. Adams

27th New York Infantry

Col. Henry L. Cake

96th Pennsylvania Infantry

Brig. Gen. John Newton

Commander, 3rd Brigade

Maj. John C. Meginnis

18th New York Infantry

Col. Roderick Matheson

32nd New York Infantry

Lieut. Col. Gustavus S. Town

95th Pennsylvania Infantry

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