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Siege of Corinth
Confederate Order of Battle

Army of West Tennessee

Maj. Gen. Earl Van Dorn

Price's Corps or Army of the West

Maj. Gen. Sterling Price

First Division

Brig. Gen. Louis Hebert

Brig. Gen. Martin E. Green

First Brigade

Col. Elijah Gates

16th Arkanasas


2nd Missouri

Col. Francis M. Cockrill

3rd Missouri

Col. James A Pritchard (wounded)

5th Missouri


1st Missouri Cavalry (dismounted)

Lt. Col W. D. Maupin

Missouri Battery

Captain William Wade

2nd Brigade

Col. W. Bruce Colbert

14th Arkansas


17th Arkansas

Lt. Col John Griffith

3rd Louisiana


40th Mississippi


1st Texas Legion

Lt. Col. E. R. Hawkins

3rd Texas Cavalry (dismounted)


Clark's Missouri Battery

Lt. J. L. Faris

St. Louis Missouri Battiery

Captain William E. Dawson

3rd Brigade

Brig. Gen. Martin E. Green

Col. W. H. Moore (wounded)

7th Mississippi Battalion

Lt. Col. A Mac-Farlane

6th Mossouri

Col. Eugene Erwin (wounded)

3rd Missouri Cavalry (dismounted)


Missouri Battery

Captain Henry Gulbor

Missouri Battery

Captain John C. Landis

4th Brigade

Col. John D. Martin (killed)

Col. Robert McLain (wounded)

37th Alabama

36th  Mississippi

Col. W. W. Witherspoon

37th Mississippi

Col. Robert McLain

38th Mississippi

Col. F. W. Adams

Battery not identified for this Brigade

Maury's Division

Brig. Gen. Dabney Maury

Moore's Brigade

Brig. Gen. John C. Moore

42nd Alabama

Col. John W. Portis

15th Arkansas

Lt. Col. Squire Boone

23rd Arkansas

Lt. Col. A. A. Pennington

35th Mississippi

Col. William S. Barry

2nd Texas

Col. W. P. Rogers (killed)

Missouri Battery

Captain H. M. Bledsoe

Cabell's Brigade

Brig. Gen. William L. Cabell

18th Arkansas

Col. John N. Daly (killed)

19th Arkansas

Col. T. P. Dockery

20th Arkansas

Col. H. P. Johnson (killed)

21st Arkansas

Col. Jordan E. Cravens

Arkansas Battalion (Jone's)


Arkansas Battalion (Ripley's)

Captain James A. Ashford

Arkansas (Appeal) Battery

Lt. William N. Hogg

Phifer's Brigade

Brig. Gen. C. W. Phifer

3rd Arkansas Cavalry (dismounted)


6th Texas Cavalry (dismounted)

Col. L. S. Ross

9th Texas Cavalry (dismounted)


Stirman's Sharp-shooters

Col. Ras. Stirman

Arkansas Battery (McNally's)

Lt. Frank A. Moore

Cavalry (composition probably incomplete)

Brig. Gen. Frank C. Armstrong

2nd Arkansas

Col. W. F. Slemons

Mississippi Regiment

Col. Wirt Adams

2nd Missouri

Col. robert McCulloch

Reserve Artillery

Tennessee Battery (Hoxton's)

Lt. Thomas F. Tobein (captured)

Alabama Battery

Captain Henry H. Sengstak

District of Mississippi

First Brigade

Brig. Gen. Albert Rust

4th Alabama Battalion

Maj. Gibson

31st Alabama


35th Alabama

Captain A. E. Ashford

9th Arkansas

Col. Isaac L. Dunlop

3rd Kentucky

Col. A. P. Thompson

7th Kentucky

Col. Ed. Crossland

Mississippi (Hudson) Battery

Lt. John R. Sweaney

Second Brigade

(composition not fully reported
Brig. Gen. J. B. Villepigue

33rd Mississippi

Col. D. W. Hurst

39th Mississippi

Col. W. B. Shelby

3rd Brigade

Brig. Gen. John s. Bowen

6th Mississippi

Col. Robert Lowry

15th Mississippi

Col. M. Farrell

22nd Mississippi

Captain J. D. Lester

Mississippi Battalion

Captain C. K. Caruthers

1st Missouri

Lt. Col. A. C. Riley

Louisiana (Watson) Battery

Captain A. A. Bursley

Cavalry Brigade

Col. W. H. Jackson

1st Mississippi

Lt. Col. F. A. Montgomery

7th Tennessee

Lt. Col. J. G. Stocks

Zouave Battalion

Maj. St. L. Dupiere

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          New York: The Century Co. 1884-1887. rpt. The National Historical Society, 2005. p759-760

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