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Maj. Gen. Isaac Stevens





Born: March 25, 1818

North Andover, MA

Died: September 1, 1862

Chantilly, VA


West Point: June 1839

Second Lieut.: June 1839

First Lieut.: 1840

Brevet Captain:

Brevet Major:

Resigned USA: 1853

Colonel: 1861

Brig. Gen.: Sept. 28, 1861

Killed in Action: Sept. 1, 1862

Maj. Gen. Posthumously:

March 1863

backdated to July 18, 1862

Graduated Phillips Academy, Andover: 1833

West Point Graduate: 1839, Top of his class

Army Corps of Engineers: Assisted in building Fort Adams, Repaired defenses of Portsmouth Harbor, and Building Fort Knox

Mexican-American War: 1846-1848

Seige of Vera Cruz: March 28, 1847

Battle of Cerro Gordo: April 1847

Battle of Contreras: August 20, 1847

Battle of Churubusco: August 20, 1847

Received Brevent Rank of Captain

Battle of Chapultepec: September 13, 1847

Brevet Rank of Captain: September 1847

Battle for Mexico City: September 13-14, 1848


Superintendent of Fortifications along the New England Coast: 1841-1849

Command of Coastal Survey Office: 1849-March 1853

Governor of Washington Territory: March 17, 1853

Territories Delegate to US Congress: 1857-1858

Colonel, 79th New York Volunteers: August 1861

Brig. Gen.: September 28, 1861

Port Royal:

Command of Expeditionary Forces to attack the sea islands of South Carolina

June 16, 1862: Battle of Secessionville

Transferred with his IX Corps Division to Virginia

August 29-30, 1862: Second Battle of Bull Run

Battle of Chantilly: Killed September 1, 1862

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