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1st Battle of Bull Run (Manassas)
Union Order of Battle

Brig. Gen. Irvin McDowell

Orders for Movement and Return

Col. Orlando B. Wilcox

Skirmish at Fairfax Court House

Brig. Gen. Daniel Tyler

Action at Blackburn's Ford

Col. Israel B. Richardson

Action at Blackburn's Ford

Brig. Gen. Irvin McDowell

Organization of the Army

Brig. Gen. Irvin McDowell

Commander, U.S. Forces

Maj. John G. Barnard

U.S. Corps of Engineers

Capt. Daniel P. Woodbury

U.S. Corps of Engineers

Lieut. Frederick E. Prime

U.S. Corps of Engineers

Capt. Henry F. Clarke

Commissary of Subsistence

Lt. George Bell

Acting Commissary Subsistence

Lieut. James Curtis

Acting Commissary Subsistence

Lieut. John P. Hawkins

Acting Commissary of Subsistence

Surgeon William S. King

U.S. Army, Medical Director

Maj. William F. Barry

Fifth U.S. Artillery, Chief of Artillery

Brig. Gen. Daniel Tyler

Connecticut Militia, Commanding First Division

Col. Erasmus D. Keyes

Eleventh U.S. Infantry, Commanding First Brigade, First Division

Col. Charles D. Jameson

Second Maine Infantry

Brig. Gen. Robert C. Schenck

Commanding Second Brigade, First Division

Capt. J. H. Carlisle

Second U.S. Artillery

Lieut. John M. Wilson

Second U.S. Artillery

Lieut. Stephen C. Lyford

First U.S. Dragoons

Lieut. Edward B. Hill

First U.S. Artillery

Lieut. William D. Fuller

Third U.S. Artillery

Col. William T. Sherman

Thirteenth U.S. Infantry, Commanding Third Brigade, First Division

Capt. James Kelly

Sixty-ninth New York Militia

Capt. Romeyn B. Ayres

Fifth U.S. Artillery

Col. Israel B. Richardson

Second Michigan Infantry, Command Fourth Brigade, First Division

Bvt. Maj. Henry J. Hunt

Second U.S. Artillery

Lieut. John Edwards

Third U.S. Artillery

Col. David Hunter

Third U.S. Cavalry, Commanding Second Division

Col. Andrew Porter

Sixteenth U.S. Infantry, Commanding Second Division and First Brigade, Second Division

Col. George Lyons

Eighth New York Militia

Maj. J. J. Bartlett

Twenty-seventh New York Infantry

Maj. George Sykes

Fourteenth U.S. Infantry, Commanding Battalion of Regulars

Maj. John G. Reynolds

Commanding Battalion of U.S. Marines

Maj. Innis N. Palmer

Second U.S. Cavalry, Commanding Battalion

Capt. Charles Griffin

Fifth U.S. Artillery

Col. Ambrose E. Burnside

First Rhode Island Infantry, Commanding Second Brigade, Second Division

Maj. Joseph P. Balch

First Rhode Island Infantry

Lieut. Col. Frank Wheaton

Second Rhode Island Infantry

Lieut. Col. Frank S. Fiske

Second New Hampshire Infantry

Col. Samuel P. Heintzelman

Seventeenth U.S. Infantry, Commanding Third Division

Col. William B. Franklin

Twelfth U.S. Infantry, Commanding First Brigade, Third Division

Lieut. Edmund Kirby

First U.S. Artillery

Col. O. B. Willcox

First Michigan Infantry, Commanding Second Brigade, Third Division

Col. J. H. Hobart Ward

Thirty-eighth New York Infantry, Commanding Second Brigade, Third Division

Maj. Alonzo F. Bidwell

First Michigan Infantry

Lieut. Col. Addison Farnsworth

Thirty-eighth New York Infantry

Capt. Richard Arnold

Fifth U.S. Artillery

Col. Oliver O. Howard

Third Maine Infantry, Commanding Third Brigade, Third Division

Maj. Henry G. Staples

Third Maine Infantry

Col. Hiram G. Berry

Fourth Maine Infantry

Col. Mark H. Dunnell

Fifth Maine Infantry

Col. Henry Whiting

Second Vermont Infantry

Col. Dixon S. Miles

Second U.S. Infantry, Command Fifth Division

Col. Louis Blenker

Eighth New York Infantry, Commanding First Brigade, Fifth Division

Col. Thomas A. Davies

Sixteenth New York Infantry, Commanding Second Brigade, Fifth Division

Lieut. Col. Samuel March

Sixteenth New York Infantry

Col. Calvin E. Pratt

Thirty-first New York Infantry

Lieut. Oliver D. Greene

Second U.S. Artillery

Col. William R. Montgomery

First New Jersey Infantry

Findings of Court of Inquiry on Conduct of Col. Dixon S. Miles, Second U.S. Infantry, Commanding Fifth Division, at Battle of Bull Run

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