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Vicksburg Campaign
Union Order of Battle District Northeast Louisiana

IX Corps          XIII Corps          XV Corps          XVI Corps          XVII Corps 

Army of the Tennessee

Maj. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant

District of Northeast Louisiana

Brig. Gen. Elias S. Dennis

Detached Brigade

Col. George W. Neeley

63rd Illinois Infantry

Col. Joseph B. McCown

108th Illinois Infantry

Lieut. Col. Charles Turner

120th Illinois Infantry

Col. George W. McKeaig

131st Illinois Infantry

Col. George W. Neeley

Maj. Joseph L. Purvis

10th Illinois Cavalry,

Companies A, D, G, and K

Maj. Elvis P. Shaw

African Brigade

Col.Isaac F. Shepard

Post of Milliken's Bend

Col. Hiram Scofield

8th Louisiana Infantry

Col. Hiram Scofield

9th Louisiana Infantry

Col. Herman Lieb

Maj. Erastus N. Owen

Lieut. Col. Charles J. Paine

11th Louisiana Infantry

Col. Edwin W. Chamberlain

Lieut. Col. Cyrus Sears

13th Louisiana Infantry

Lieut. H. Knoll

1st Mississippi Infantry

Lieut. Col. A. Watson Webber

3rd Mississippi Infantry

Col. Richard H. Ballinger

Post of Goodrich's Landing, LA

Col. William F. Wood

1st Arkansas Infantry

Lieut. Col. James W. Campbell

10th Louisiana Infantry

Lieut. Col. Frederick M. Crandall

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