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Atlanta Campaign
Confederate Order of Battle - Army of Mississippi

Army of Mississippi

Lieut. Gen. Leonidas Polk

Maj. Gen. W. W. Loring

Lieut. Gen. A. P. Stewart

Maj. Gen. B. F. Cheatham


Orleans Light Horse

Capt. L. Greenleaf

Loring's Division

Maj. Gen. W. W. Loring

Brig. Gen. W. S. Featherston

Featherston's Brigade

Brig. Gen. W. S. Featherston

Col. Robert Lowry

1st Mississippi Infantry

Maj. M. S. Alcorn

3rd Mississippi Infantry

Col. T. A. Melton

Lieut. Col. S. M. Dyer

22nd Mississippi Infantry

Maj. Martin A. Oatis

Lieut. Col. H. J. Reid

Capt.. J. T. Formby

31st Mississippi Infantry

Col. M. D. L. Stephens

Lieut. Col. J. W. Drane

Lieut. William D. Shaw

Capt. T. J. Pulliam

33rd Mississippi Infantry

Col. J. L. Drake

Capt. M. Jackson

Maj. A. J. Hall

40th Mississippi Infantry

Col. W. B. Colbert

Lieut. Col. George P. Wallace

Capt. C. A. Huddleston

1st Mississippi Battalion Sharpshooters

Maj. G. M. Stigler

Adams' Brigade

Brig. Gen. John Adams

6th Mississippi Infantry

Col. Robert Lowry

14th Mississippi Infantry

Lieut. Col. W. L. Doss

15th Mississippi Infantry

Col. M. Farrell

Lieut. Col. J. R. Binford

20th Mississippi Infantry

Col. William N. Brown

23rd Mississippi Infantry

Col. J. M. Wells

Maj. G. W. B. Garrett

43rd Mississippi Infantry

Lieut. Col. J. D. Weeden

Capt. W. B. Beeson

Scott's Brigade

Brig. Gen. Thomas M. Scott

27th Alabama Infantry

Col. James Jackson

Lieut. Col. E. McAlexander

35th Alabama Infantry

Col. S. S. Ives

49th Alabama Infantry

Lieut. Col. J. D. Weeden

Capt. W. B. Beeson

55th Alabama Infantry

Col. John Snodgrass

Maj. J. B. Dickey

57th Alabama Infantry

Col. C. J. L. Cuningham

Lieut. Col. W. C. Bethune

Capt. A. L. Milligan

Maj. J. H. Wiley

12th Louisiana Infantry

Col. N. L. Nelson

Capt. E. McN. Graham

French's Division

Brig. Gen. Matthew D. Ector

Brig. Gen. William H. Young

Ector's Brigade

Brig. Gen. Matthew D. Ector

29th North Carolina Infantry

Lieut. Col. B. S. Proffitt

39th North Carolina Infantry

Col. D. Coleman

9th Texas Infantry

Col. William H. Young

Maj. J. H. McReynolds

10th Texas (dismounted cavalry)

Col. C. R. Earp

14th Texas (dismounted cavalry)

Col. J. L. Camp

32nd Texas (dismounted cavalry)

Col. J. A. Andrews

Jaques's Battalion

Maj. J. Jaques

Cockrell's Brigade

Brig. Gen. Francis M. Cockrell

Col. Elijah Gates

1st and 3rd Missouri

(dismounted cavalry)

Col. Elijah Gates

Lieut. Col. D. T. Samuels

1st and 4th Missouri Infantry

Col. A. C. Riley

Lieut. Col. H. A. Garland

2nd and 6th Missouri Infantry

Col. P. C. Flournoy

3rd and 5th Missouri Infantry

Col. James McCown

Sears' Brigade

Brig. Gen. Claudius W. Sears (w May 19)

Col. William S. Barry

4th Mississippi Infantry

Col. T. N. Adaire

35th Mississippi Infantry

Lieut. Col. R. H. Shotwell

Col. William S. Barry

36th Mississippi Infantry

Col. W. W. Witherspoon

39th Mississippi Infantry

Lieut. Col. W. E. Ross

Maj. R. J. Durr

46th Mississippi Infantry

Col. W. H. Clark

7th Mississippi Battalion

Capt. W. A. Trotter

Capt. J. D. Harris

1st Division Georgia Militia

Brig. Gen. Gustavus W. Smith

1st Brigade

Brig. Gen. R. W. Carswell

1st Regiment

Col. E. H. Pottle

2nd Regiment

Col. C. D. Anderson

5th Regiment

Col. S. S. Stafford

1st Battalion

Lieut. Col. H. K. McCay

2nd Brigade

Brig. Gen. P. J. Phillips

3rd Regiment

Col. Q. M. Hill

4th Regiment

Col. R. McMillan

6th Regiment

Col. J. W. Burney

Artillery Battalion

Col. C. W. Styles

3rd Brigade

Brig. Gen. C. D. Anderson

4th Brigade

Brig. Gen. H. K. McCay

(The 3rd and 4th Brigades were formed after the Reserves joined, during the siege of Atlanta. The organizations of these two brigades are not found in any accessible data.)

Cantey's (or Walthall's) Division

Brig. Gen. James Cantey

Maj. Gen. E. C. Walthall

Quarles' Brigade

Brig. Gen. William A. Quarles

1st Alabama Infantry

Col. S. L. Knox

42nd Tennessee Infantry

Col. Isaac N. Hulme

Capt. A. M. Duncan

46th and 55th Tennessee Infantry

Col. R. A. Owens

Lieut. Col. G. B. Black

48th Tennessee Infantry

Lieut. Col. A. S. Godwin

Lieut. Col. H. G. Evans

49th Tennessee Infantry

Col. W. F. Young

Capt. T. H. Smith

Maj. T. M. Atkins

52nd Tennessee Infantry

Col. J. R. White

Maj. William C. Richardson

Capt. J. J. Rittenbury

Capt. S. C. Orr

Reynolds' Brigade

Brig. Gen. D. H. Reynolds

1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles (dismounted)

Lieut. Col. M. G. Galloway

Capt. J. S. Perry

Capt. R. P. Parks

2nd Arkansas Mounted Rifles


Lieut. Col. J. T. Smith

Capt. W. E. Johnson

Maj. J. P. Eagle

4th Arkansas Infantry

Col. H. G. Bunn

Capt. A. Kile

Maj. J. A. Ross

9th Arkansas Infantry

Lieut. Col. J. W. Rogers

Maj. J. C. Bratton

25th Arkansas Infantry

Lieut. Col. Eli Hufstedler

Maj. L. L. Noles

Capt. E. C. Woodson

Cantey's Brigade

Col. Virgil S. Murphey

Col. E. A. O'Neal

17th Alabama Infantry

Col. V. S. Murphey

Maj. T. J. Burnett

Capt. T. A. McCane

26th Alabama Infantry

Col. E. A. O'Neal

Maj. D. F. Bryan

29th Alabama Infantry

Col. J. F. Conoley

Capt. J. A. Foster

37th Mississippi Infantry

Col. O. S. Holland

Lieut. Col. W. W. Wier

Maj. S. H. Terral


Lieut. Col. S. C. Williams

Waddell's Battalion

Emery's (Alabama) Battery

Capt. W. D. Emery

Bellamy (Alabama) Battery

Lieut. F. A. O'Neal

Capt. R. H. Bellamy

Barret (Missouri) Battery

Capt. Overton Barret

Myrick's Battalion

Maj. J. D.  Myrick

Bouanchaud's (Louisiana) Battery

Capt. Alcide Bouanchaud

Lieut. E. C. Legendre

Cowan's (Mississippi) Battery

Capt. James J. Cowan

Lieut. G. H. Tompkins

Barry's Lookout (Tennessee) Battery

Capt. Robert L. Barry

Lieut. R. L. Watkins

Storrs' Battalion

Maj. George S. Storrs

Ward's (Alabama) Battery

Capt. John J. Ward

Lieut. G. W. Weaver

Hoskins' (Mississippi) Battery

Capt. J. A. Hoskins

Guibor's (Missouri) Battery

Capt. Henry Guibor

Lieut. A. W. Harris

Sergt. Raymond Burke

Preston's (or Truehart's) Battalion

Maj. William C. Preston (k July 20)

Maj. D. Truehart

Alabama Battery

Lieut. C. L. Lovelace

Tarrant's (Alabama) Battery

Capt. E. Tarrant

Lieut. Seth Shepard

Yates (Mississippi) Battery

Capt. J. H. Yates

Cavalry Division

Brig. Gen. W. H. Jackson

Armstrong's Brigade

Brig. Gen. F. C. Armstrong


1st Mississippi Cavalry

Col. R. A. Pinson

2nd  Mississippi Cavalry

Maj. J. J. Perry

28t Mississippi Cavalry

Maj. J. T. McBee

Col. P. B. Starke

Ballentine's Mississippi Cavalry

Capt. E. E. Porter

Lieut. Col. W. C. Maxwell

Company A, Confederate Cavalry

Capt. James Ruffin

Ross's Brigade

Brig. Gen. Lawrence S. Ross

1st Texas Legion

Col. E. R. Hawkins

3rd Texas Cavalry

Lieut. Col. J. S. Boggess

6th Texas Cavalry

Lieut. Col. Peter F. Ross

9th Texas Cavalry

Col. D. W. Jones

Capt. H. C. Dial

Ferguson's Brigade

Brig. Gen. Samuel W. Ferguson

Col. William Boyles

2nd Alabama Cavalry

Col. John N. Carpenter

56th Alabama Cavalry

Col. William Boyles

Lieut. Col. William Martin

9th Mississippi Cavalry

Col. Horace H. Miller

11th Mississippi Cavalry

Col. Robert O. Perrin

12th Mississippi Cavalry Battalion

Col. W. M. Inge

Capt. G. F. Peek


Capt. John Waties

Ferrell's (Georgia) Battery (1 Section)

Capt. Edward Croft

Lieut. A. J. Young

Missouri Battery

Capt. Houston King

South Carolina Battery

Lieut. R. B. Waddell

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