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Siege of Port Hudson
Confederate Official Records

Capt. C. M. Jackson

Acting Inspector General of the Surrender of Port Hudson

Return of Casualties

Capt. Louis J. Girard

Chief of Ordnance

Brig. Gen. W. N. R. Beall

Commander, Brigade

Capt. John R. Fellows

Assistant Inspector General

Col. David Provence

16th Arkansas Infantry

Col. O. P. Lyles

23rd Arkansas Infantry

Lieut. Col. P. F. De Gournay

12th Louisiana Infantry

Col. I. G. W. Stedman

1st Alabama Infantry

Col. W. B. Shelby

39th Mississippi Infantry

Maj. Thomas H. Johnston

1st Mississippi Infantry

Lieut. E. A. Toledano

Watson (Louisiana) Battery

Lieut. Col. J. H. Wingfield

9th Louisiana Battalion Partisan Rangers

Col. W. R. Miles

Louisiana Legion

Lieut. Col. Frederick B. Brand

Miles' (Louisiana) Legion

Col. John L. Logan

11th Arkansas Infantry

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