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Maj. Gen. Sterling Price




Born: September 20, 1809

Prince Edward County, VA





Died: September 29, 1867

St. Louis, Missouri

August 12, 1846: Appointed Colonel of 2nd Regiment, Missouri Mounted Volunteer Cavalry

January 1847: As New Mexico Military Governor, puts down the Taos Revolt

July 1847: Military Governor of Chihuahua

March 16, 1848: Battle of Santa Cruz de Rosales, War with Mexico

1853-1857: Governor of Missouri

May 1861: Commander of reformed Missouri State Guard

August 10, 1861: Battle of Wilson's Creek

September 13-20, 1861: Battle of Lexington

March 7-8, 1862: Battle of Pea Ridge

September 19, 1862: Battle of Iuka

October 3-4, 1862: 2nd Battle of Corinth

October 5, 1862: Battle of Hatchie's Bridge

March 23 - May 2, 1864: Camden Expedition

August 28 - December 2, 1864: Price's Missouri Raid

1865: With the defeat of the Confederacy, fled to Mexico and led the Confederate exile colony in Carlota, Veracruz

1867: Returned to Missouri in poor health

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