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Maj. Gen. Stephen D. Lee





Born: September 22, 1833

Charleston, South Carolina

Died: May 28, 1908

Vicksburg, Mississippi

1854: Graduated West Point

1854: 2nd Lieutenant

1861: Resigned Commission

1861: Aide-de-Camp, CSA

November 1861: Major, CSA

March 1862: Lieutenant Colonel

July 9, 1862: Colonel

November 6, 1862: Brigadier General

August 3, 1863: Major General

June 23, 1864: Lieutenant General

February 23, 1865: Major General

Maj. Gen. Stephen D. Lee

Ezra J. Warner wrote "Despite his youth and comparative lack of experience, Lee's prior close acquaintanceship

with all three branches of the service – artillery, cavalry, and infantry – rendered him one of

the most capable corps commanders in the army."

1850: Entered West Point

1854: Graduated West Point - 17th out of 46 Cadets

1854: 2nd Lieutenant in 4th Infantry Regiment

September 18, 1857-February 8, 1861: Regiment's Quartermaster

1858-1861: Assigned to the Western  Frontier, Kansas Territory, then Dakota Territory

Early 1861: Resigned his commission to join the Confederacy

March 6, 1861: Assigned as assistant Adjutant General and assistant Inspector General of forces located at Charleston

April 11, 1861: Aide-de-Camp to Brig. Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard

Delivered the ultimatum to Maj. Robert Anderson demanding the evacuation of Fort Sumter

May 11, 1861: Beauregard received permission to form two artillery companies, Lee was assigned to command one

May 30, 1861: Lee's artillery company was assigned to Castle Pinckney until June 1 when he was sent to Fort Palmetto

June 1861: Resumed his position in the South Carolina militia

November 1861: Promoted to Major

Commanded a light battery in Hampton's Legion in Gen. Joseph E. Johnston's army

March 1862: Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel Artillery Chief for Maj. Gen. Lafeyette McLaw's division from April to  June 17

Then was in the same role for Brig. Gen. John B. Magruder until July

Peninsula Campaign

May 31-June 1, 1862: Battle of Seven Pines

June 25-July 1, 1862: Seven Days Battles

June 29, 1862: Battle of Savage's Station

Briefly served in the 4th Virginia Cavalry

July 9, 1862: Promoted to Colonel and assumed command of artillery battalion of Maj. Gen. James Longstreet Corps

August 29-30, 1862: 2nd Battle of Bull Run

September 17, 1862: Battle of Antietam

November 6, 1862: Promoted to Brigadier General

December 26-29, 1862: Battle of Chickasaw Bayou

January 1863: Led brigade in Department of Mississippi & Eastern Louisiana

May 1863: Took command of Lieut. Gen. John C. Pemberton's artillery

May 16, 1863: Battle of Champion Hill - Wounded in the shoulder

1863: Siege of Vicksburg - Became a prisoner of war. While on parole was promoted to Major General effective August 3, 1863

August 16, 1863: Assigned command of Department of Mississippi and Eastern Louisiana cavalry

June 10, 1864: Battle of Brice's Crossroads

June 23, 1864: Promoted to Lieutenant General

Atlanta Campaign

July 28, 1864: Battle of Ezra Church

August 5-6, 1864: Battle of Utoy Creek

August 31-Septmeber 1, 1864: Battle of Jonesborough

18 September 1864-10 January 1865: Franklin-Nashville Campaign

November 29, 1864: Battle of Spring Hill

November 30, 1864: Battle of Franklin

December 15-16, 1864: Battle of Nashville - Wounded in foot by shell fragments

February 23, 1862: Commission as Lieutenant General was cancelled, however, he was appointed Lieutenant General

April 11, 1865: Surrendered with Gen. Joseph e. Johnston at Bennett Place near Durham, North Carolina

May 1, 1865: Paroled

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