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1st Battle of Winchester
Union Official Records

Gen. Nathaniel P. Banks

Department of Shenandoah

Casualties of Union Forces

at Front Royal and Winchester

Lieut. William W. Rowley

28th New York Infantry

Capt. Charles H. T. Collis

Pennsylvania Infantry

Brig. Gen. John P. Hatch

U. S. Army commanding Cavalry

Col. Thornton F. Brodhead

1st Michigan Cavalry

Col. Othneil De. Forest

5th New York Cavalry

Lt. Col. Charles R. Babbitt

8th New York Cavalry

Col. Charles H. Tompkins

1st Vermont Cavalry

Maj. William D. Collins

1st Vermont Cavalry

Brig. Gen. Alpheus S. Williams

Commander, 1st Division

Capt. William D. Wilkins

Adjutant General

Lieut. Franklin B. Crosby

4th U. S. Artillery

Col. Dudley Donnelly

28th New York Infantry

Lieut. Col. George D. Chapman

5th Connecticut Infantry

Col. George L. Beal

10th Maine Infantry

Col. Joseph F. Knipe

46th Pennsylvania Infantry

Col. George H. Gordon

2nd Massachusetts Infantry

Col. Silas Colgrove

27th Indiana Infantry

Lieut. Col. George L. Andrews

2nd Massachusetts Infantry

Capt. Samuel M. Zulich

29th Pennsylvania Infantry

Col. Thomas H. Ruger

3rd Wisconsin Infantry

Maj. Gen. John C. Fremont

Commander of the Mountain Department

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