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Battle of Piedmont
Confederate Order of Battle

Department of Southwest Virginia and East Tennessee

Brig. Gen. William E. Jones (k)


B. H. Jones' Brigade

Col. Beuhring H. Jones (w&c)

36th Virginia Infantry

Lieut. Col. William E. Fife

60th Virginia Infantry

Capt. James W. Johnston

45th Virginia Battalion

Lieut. Col. Henry Beckley (w)

Maj. Blake L. Woodson

Browne's Brigade

Col. William H. Browne (mw)

Thomas Legion (North Carolina)

Col. James R. Love

45th Virginia Infantry

Lieut. Col. Alexander Davis (c)

Maj. Francis Miller

Virginia Cavalry (dismounted, from W.E. Jones' Brigade

Maj. R. Henry Brewer (k)

Niter & Mining Battalion (Attached to Brewer's Command)

Capt. James F. Jones

Vaughn's Brigade

Brig. Gen. John C. Vaughn

16th Georgia Cavalry Battalion


1st Tennessee Cavalry

Maj. John B. King (k)

12th Tennessee Cavalry Battalion

Maj. George W. Day

16th Tennessee Cavalry Battalion


3rd Tennessee Mounted Infantry (detachment)


39th Tennessee Mounted Infantry (detachment)

Maj. Robert McFarland

43rd Tennessee Mounted Infantry

Lieut. Col. David M. Key

59th Tennessee Mounted Cavalry

Col. William L. Eakin

60th, 61st, 62nd Tennessee Mounted Infantry (fragments)



Imboden's Brigade

Brig. Gen. John D. Imboden

18th Virginia Cavalry

Col. George W. Imboden

23rd Virginia Cavalry

Col. Robert White

2nd Maryland Cavalry Battalion

Capt. Harry W. Gilmor

Davis  Maryland Battalion (includes two companies of Rockingham County Reserves)

Capt. Thomas S. Davis

Augusta Mounted Reserves (2 companies)

Capt. John N. Opie


Col. Kenton Harper


Lewisburg Battery

Capt. Thomas Bryan

Staunton Horse Artillery

Capt. John McClanahan

Augusta Reserve Battery

Capt. James C. Marquis

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