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The Effect of the Capture of the Hatteras Forts.


          A dispatch from Fortress Monroe says: The rebels have abandoned their strongly fortified forts at Ocracoke Inlet. Multitudes of North Carolinians have demonstrated their loyalty to the Government by coming to Hatteras Inlet to take the oath of allegiance. Colonel Hawkins sends word that he administered the oath between two and three hundred in one day. The steamer Pawnee still lies in the Inlet and the Susquehanna outside. The Susquehanna ran down the Ocracoke Inlet, and found the fortifications there were completely deserted, and the white flag was every where exhibited.

          On the following day the George Peabody arrived at the Fortress, from Hatteras Inlet, with a number of fugitive families from the mouth of Tar River, who had succeeded in escaping to the Inlet. They report that the lower counties of North Carolina are ready to hoist the National flag when assured of support - a prominent cleryman declaring that should a national force land near Beaufort, it would immediately be joined by at least two thousand North Carolina Unionists. A perfect reign of terror exists there at present. Then regiments of State troops have been recalled from Virginia.

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