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Maj. Gen. John Reynolds




Born: September 21, 1820

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Died: July 1, 1863

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Battle of Gettysburg


1841: West Point Graduate

1841: Brevet 2nd Lieutenant

September 23, 1846: Brevet promotion to Captain

February 23, 1847: Brevet promotion to Major

May 14, 1861: Appointed Lieut. Colonel

August 26, 1861: Brigadier General

November 29, 1862: Major General

Maj. Gen. John Reynolds

1841: West Point Graduate - 26th out of 50

1841: Brevet 2nd Lieutenant in 3rd U.S. Artillery assigned to Fort McHenry

1842-1845: Assigned to St. Augustine, Florida and Fort Moultrie, South Carolina

1845: Joined Zachery Taylor's army at Corpus Christi, Texas for the Mexican/

American War

September 21-23, 1846: Battle of Monterrey - Brevet promotion to Captain

February 222-23, 1847: Battle of Buena Vista - Brevet promotion to Major - his guns prevented the Mexican cavalry from flanking U.S. forces

1855: Fort Orford, Oregon

1856: Rogue River Wars

1857-1858: Utah War with the Mormons

September 1860-June 1861: Commandant of Cadets at West Point - served as instructor of artillery, cavalry and infantry tactics

Declined position as aide-de-camp to Lieut. Gen. Winfield Scott

May 14, 1861: Appointed Lieut. Col of 14th U.S. Infantry

August 20, 1861: Promoted to Brig. Gen. and ordered to report to Washington, D.C.

Before arriving in the capital, order were changed to report to Cape Hatteras Inlet, North Carolina. Maj. Gen. McClellan intervened and got his orders changed to join the Army of the Potomac

Board to examine the qualifications of volunteer officers

Received command of a brigade of Pennsylvania Reserves

Peninsula Campaign

June 27, 1862: Captured in Boatswain's Swamp, Virginia while covering the retreat of Gen. McClellan's men. Taken to Libby Prison in Richmond

August 15, 1862: Exchanged for Gen. Lloyd Tilghman

Upon his return, given command of Pennsylvania Reserves Division which were temporarily attached to Gen. McDowell's III Corps

August 29-30, 1862: Second Battle of Bull Run - In a last ditch stand, led his men on Henry House Hill protecting the Union rear

Given command of Pennsylvania militia at the request of Pennsylvania governor Andrew Curtin for the invasion of Maryland subsequently missing the battle of Antietam

Late 1862: Returned to Army of the Potomac assuming command of the I Corps. One of his divisions under Gen. Meade made the only breakthrough at the Battle of Fredericksburg

November 29, 1862: Promoted to Major General of Volunteers

May 1-4, 1863: Battle of Chancellorsville

June 1863: "Hearing that Lincoln was going to give him command of the army, the able and valorous Corps commander . . . hurried to the White House and told Lincoln he did not want command of the Army of the Potomac and would not take it. (Sandburg, p100)

July 1, 1863: Battle of Gettysburg started. Gen. Reynolds was shot in the neck in the first battle.

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