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Battle of Resaca
Confederate Official Records

Gen. Joseph E. Johnston

Army of Tennessee

Itinerary of Hardee's Army Corps

Col. Ellison Capers

24th South Carolina Infantry

Maj. Gen. Patrick R. Cleburne

Commander, Division

Lieut. Gen. John B. Hood

Commander, Corps

Brig. Gen. Edward C. Walthall

Commander, Brigade

Col. Robert P. McKelvaine

24th Mississippi Infantry

Commander, 24th & 27th Mississippi Infantry

Col. William F. Brantly

29th Mississippi Infantry

Commander, 29th & 30th Mississippi Infantry

Col. Samuel Benton

34th Mississippi Infantry

Maj. Gen. Carter L. Stevenson

Commander, Division

Maj. Gen. Alexander P. Stewart

Commander, Division

Brig. Gen. Marcellus A. Stovall

Commander, Brigade

Maj. Mark S. Nall

41st Georgia Infantry

Maj. William C. Lester

43rd Georgia Infantry

Brig. Gen. Henry D. Clayton

Commander, Brigade

Lieut. Col. Peter F. Huntley

18th Alabama Infantry

Capt. James A. Wemyss

36th Alabama Infantry

Capt. George W. Welch

38th Alabama Infantry

Col. Bushrod Jones

58th Alabama Infantry

Commander, 32nd & 58th Alabama Infantry

Brig. Gen. Alpheus Baker

Commander, Brigade

Lieut. Col. Alexander A. Greene

37th Alabama Infantry

Col. John H. Higley

40th Alabama Infantry

Capt. William D. McNeill

42nd Alabama Infantry

Lieut. Col. John A. Minter

54th Alabama Infantry

Brig. Gen. Randall L. Gibson

Commander, Brigade

Lieut. Col. Francis L. Campbell

13th Louisiana Infantry

Maj. John E. Austin

14th Louisiana Battalion Sharpshooters

Col. Joseph C. Lewis

25th Louisiana Infantry

Commander, 16th & 25th Louisiana Infantry

Col. Richard W. Turner

19th Louisiana Infantry

Maj. Gen. William W. Loring

Commander, Division

Maj. Gen. Joseph Wheeler

Cavalry Corps

Journal of Operations of the

Army of Tennessee

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