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Battle of Glendale
Union Official Records

Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan

Army of the Potomac

Maj. Alfred Pleasonton

2nd U.S. Cavalry

Brig. Gen. Israel B. Richardson

Commander, 1st Division

Capt. Rufus D. Pettit

Battery B, 1st New York Light Artillery

Lieut. Rufus King, Jr.

Batteries A & C, 4th U.S. Artillery

Brig. Gen. John C. Caldwell

Commander, 1st Brigade

Lt. Col. Samuel S. Langley

5th New Hampshire Infantry

Col. George Von Schack

7th New York Infantry

Col. Francis C. Barlow

61st New York Infantry

Maj. H. Boyd McKeen

8th Pennsylvania Infantry

Brig. Gen. Thomas Francis Meagher

Commander, 2nd Brigade

Brig. Gen. William H. French

Commander, 3rd Brigade

Lieut. Col. William P. Baily

2nd Delaware Infantry

Col. Joseph C. Pinckney

66th New York Infantry

Brig. Gen. John Sedgwick

Commander, 2nd Division

Col. Charles H. Thompkins

Chief of Artillery

Capt. John A. Tompkins

Battery A, 1st Rhode Island

Light Artillery

Lieut. Edmund Kirby

Battery I, 1st U.S. Artillery

Col. Alfred Sully

Commander, 1st Brigade

Minnesota Infantry

Lieut. Col. John W. Kimball

15th Massachusetts Infantry

Brig. Gen. William W. Burns

Commander, 2nd Brigade

Brig. Gen. Napoleon J. T. Dana

Commander, 3rd Brigade

Brig. Gen. Samuel P. Heintzelman

Commander, III Corps

Lieut. Francis W. Seeley

Battery K, 4th U.S. Artillery

Brig. Gen. Joseph Hooker

Commander, 2nd Division

Brig. Gen. Cuvier Grover

Commander, 1st Brigade

Col. Robert Cowdin

1st Massachusetts Infantry

Lieut. Col. George F. Tileston

11th Massachusetts Infantry

Maj. Daniel S. Lamson

16th Massachusetts Infantry

Col. Gilman Marston

2nd New Hampshire

Lieut. Col. George D. Wells

1st Massachusetts. Infantry,

26th Pennsylvania Infantry

Brig. Gen. Daniel E. Sickles

Commander, 2nd Brigade

Maj. Thomas Holt

17th New York Infantry

Col. George B. Hall

71st new York Infantry

Capt. Alfred A. Donalds

73rd New York Infantry

Col. Charles K. Graham

74th New York Infantry

Col. Joseph B. Cart

Commander, 3rd Brigade

Col. Gershom Mott

74th New York Infantry


Lieut. Col. William A. Olmstead


2nd New York Infantry

Brig. Gen. Philip Kearny

Commander, 3rd Division

Capt. George E. Randolph

Battery E, 1st Rhode Island

Light Artillery

Lieut. Pardon S. Jastram

Battery E, 1st Rhode Island

Light Artillery

Includes Court of Inquiry

Capt. James Thompson

Battery G, 2nd U.S. Artillery

Brig. Gen. John G. Robinson

Commander, 1st Brigade

Col. William L. Brown

20th Indiana Infantry

Lieut. Col. Elhanon W. Woods

57th Pennsylvania Infantry

Col. Alexander Hays

63rd Pennsylvania Infantry

Capt. Calvin A. Craig

105th Pennsylvania Infantry

Brig. Gen. David B. Birney

Commander, 2nd Brigade

Brig. Gen. Hiram G. Berry

Commander, 3rd Brigade

Capt. William Humphrey

2nd Michigan Infantry

Brig. Gen. Erasmus D. Keyes

Commander, IV Corps

Maj. Robert M. West

Chief of Artillery

Brig. Gen. John Peck

Commander, 2nd Division

Brig. Gen. Henry W. Wessells

Commander, 2nd Brigade

Brig. Gen. Fitz John Porter

Commander, V Corps

Col. William W. Averall

3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry

Col. Henry J. Hunt

Commander, Artillery Reserve

Lieut. Alanson M. Randol

battery E, 1st U.S. Artillery

Col. Hiram Burdan

1st U.S. Sharpshooters

Brig. Gen. George A. McCall

Commander, 3rd Division

Brig. Gen. Truman Seymour

Commander, 3rd Brigade

Col. James H. Childs

4th Pennsylvania Cavalry

Capt. James H. Cooper

Battery B, 1st Pennsylvania

Light Artillery

Lieut. Frank P. Amsden

Battery G, 1st Pennsylvania Reserves,

1st Brigade

Col. George S. Hayes

8th Pennsylvania Reserves

1st, Brigade

Maj. Roy Stone

13th Pennsylvania Reserves

(1st Pennsylvania Rifles)

Col. Horatio S. Sickel

3rd Pennsylvania Reserves,

2nd Brigade

Col. Albert L. Magilton

4th Pennsylvania Reserves

Col C. Feger Jackson

9th Pennsylvania Reserves,

3rd Brigade

Col. James T. Kirk

10th Pennsylvania Reserves

Col. John H. Taggart

12th Pennsylvania Reserves

Brig. Gen. William B. Franklin

Commander, VI Corps

Brig. Gen. Henry W. Slocum

Commander, 1st Division

Brig. Gen. William F. Smith

Commander, 2nd Division

Capt. Romeyn B. Ayers

5th U.S. Artillery

Chief of Artillery

Brig. Gen. Winfield S. Hancock

Commander, 1st Brigade

Brig. Gen. William T. H. Brooks

Commander, 2nd Brigade

Brig. Gen. John W. Davidson

Commander, 3rd Brigade

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