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Maj. Gen. Jesse L. Reno





Born: April 20, 1823

Wheeling Virginia





Died: September 14, 1862

Battle of South Mountain

West Point: June 1846

Brevet 2nd Lieutenant: July 1846

1st Lieutenant: 1853

Captain: 1859

Brig. Gen: Fall 1861

Maj. Gen: July 18, 1862 Posthumously

Maj. Gen. Jesse L. Reno

Courtesy of Library of Congress

1846: West Point Graduate - 8th in class of 59

March 21-28, 1847: Battle of Vera Cruz

April 1847: Battle of Cerro Gordo

September 13, 1847: Battle of Chapultepec - Seriously wounded while commanding a howitzer battery

1853: Road survey from the Big Sioux River to Mendota, Minnesota

1854: Ordnance Officer at the Frankford Arsenal near Philadelphia

1857: Utah Territory as Chief of Ordnance under Brig. Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston

1859: Commander, Mount Vernon Arsenal in Alabama

January 4, 1861: Forced to surrender arsenal to troops from Alabama

Temporarily assigned to command the Fort Leavenworth Arsenal

Fall 1861: Appointed Brigadier General of Volunteers

Commander, 2nd Brigade, IX Corps

February - July 1862: Burnside's North Carolina Expedition

February 7-8, 1862: Battle of Roanoke Island

March 14, 1862: Battle of New Bern

April 19, 1862: Battle of South Mills

August 1862: Division Commander, IX Corps part of Army of the Potomac

August 29-30, 1862: 2nd Battle of Bull Run

Maryland Campaign

Commander, Right Wing, Army of the Potomac

September 14, 1862: Mortally wounded at Battle of South Mountain

July 18, 1862: Posthumously promoted to Major General

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