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Battle of Iuka

Confederate Commander

Maj. Gen. Sterling Price

Total Engaged: 3,179

Killed: 263

Wounded: 692

Captured or Missing: 561

Total Casualties: 1,516

Confederate Officers

Brig. Gen. Louis Hebert

Brig. Gen. Dabney H. Maury

Brig. Gen. Martin E. Green

Brig. Gen. Frank C. Armstrong

Confederate Order of Battle

Confederate Official Records

September 19-20, 1862

Tishomingo County, Mississippi

Union Victory

Total Engaged: 4,500

Killed: 144

Wounded: 598

Captured or Missing: 40

Total Casualties: 782

Union Officers

Maj. Gen. Edward O. C. Ord

Brig. Gen. David S. Stanley

Brig. Gen. Charles S. Hamilton

Brig. Gen. Jeremiah C. Sullivan

Union Order of Battle

Union Official Records

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