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USS Harriet Lane

USS Harriet Lane

Courtesy of U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.

Built By: Unknown

Sailed: 1859

Commissioned: 1861

Decommissioned: Captured by Confederate Navy in 1863



Type: Steamer with 2 side-paddles, Sail

Displacement: 600 tons

Length: 270 feet

Beam: 22 feet

Draft: 13 feet

Propulsion: Double right-angle marine engine with 2 side paddles


1 4-inch gun

1 9-inch gun

2 8-inch guns

2 24-pounder brass howitzers



Stationed off Fort Sumter in April 1861

Hatteras Inlet Batteries

Porter's Mortar Flotilla

West Gulf Squadron

First Battle of Galveston

Captured by Confederates, January 1, 1863

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