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Battle of New Orleans
Farragut to Foreign Embassies

Flag-Officer Farragut, USN

Order not to Interfere with Foreign Police Guard

Flag-Officer Farragut, USN

to the British Consul at New Orleans, Notifying Foreign Consuls of the Possibility of Bombardment

Foreign Consuls

to Flag-Officer Farragut, USN, Requesting an Interview Previous to Bombardment

Captain Cloue, Commanding H. I. M. S. Milan

to Flag-Officer Farragut, Demanding Delay in the Evacuation of New Orleans

Flag-Officer Farragut USN

to the British Consul, Expressing the hope that his Family had not been Inconvenienced

British Counsel

to Flag-Officer Farragut

Flag-Officer Farragut, USN

to the Foreign Consuls at New Orleans

Flag-Officer Farragut, USN

to French Consul at New Orleans, Offering to Forward Mail for the Foreign Consuls in that City


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