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Chattanooga Campaign
Union Official Records 60 through 120

Capt. William A. Naylor

10th Indiana Battery

Brig. Gen. Thomas J. Wood

Commander, 3rd Division

Brig. Gen. August Willich

Commander, 1st Brigade

Col. Richard H. Nodine

25th Illinois Infantry

Lieut. Col. William P. Chandler

35th Illinois Infantry

Lieut. Col. William D. Williams

89th Illinois Infantry

Col. Frank Erdelmeyer

32nd Indiana Infantry

Lieut. Col. Harvey J. Espy

68th Indiana Infantry

Col. John A. Martin

8th Kansas Infantry

Lieut. Col. Frank Askew

15th Ohio Infantry

Maj. Samuel F. Gray

49th Ohio Infantry

Capt. John A. Gordon

15th Wisconsin Infantry

Brig. Gen. William B. Hazen

Commander, 2nd Brigade

Maj. Calvin D. Campbell

6th Indiana Infantry

Col. William W. Berry

5th Kentucky Infantry

Maj. Richard T. Whitaker

6th Kentucky Infantry

Lieut. Col. James C. Foy

23rd Kentucky Infantry

Maj. Joab A. Stafford

1st Ohio Infantry

Lieut. Col. Alexander C. Christopher

6th Ohio Infantry

Lieut. Col. Robert L. Kimberly

41st Ohio Infantry

Capt. Samuel B. Smith

93rd Ohio Infantry

Lieut. Col. James Pickands

124th Ohio Infantry

Brig. Gen. Samuel Beatty

Commander, 3rd Brigade

Col. Frederick Knefler

79th Indiana Infantry

Col. George F. Dick

86th Indiana Infantry

Col. George H. Cram

9th Kentucky Infantry

Col. Alexander M. Stout

17th Kentucky Infantry

Col. Dwight Jarvis, Jr.

13th Ohio Infantry

Col. Charles F. Manderson

19th Ohio Infantry

Maj. Gen. Joseph Hooker

Commander, XI & XII Corps

Lieut. Col. Henry C. Wharton

Corps of Engineers

Maj. Gen. Oliver O. Howard

Commander, XI Corps

Surg. Daniel S. Brinton

Medical Director

Brig. Gen. Adolph von Steinwehr

Commander, 2nd Division

Col. Adolphus Buschbeck

27th Pennsylvania Infantry

Commander, 1st Brigade

Col. George W. Mindil

33rd New Jersey Infantry

Maj. David A. Peloubet

33rd New Jersey Infantry

Lieut. Col. Allen H. Jackson

134th New York Infantry

Col. Patrick H. Jones

154th New York Infantry

Maj. August Riedt

27th Pennsylvania Infantry

Lieut. Samuel D. Miller

73rd Pennsylvania Infantry

Col. Orland Smith

73rd Ohio Infantry

Commander, 2nd Brigade

Lieut. Col. Godfrey Rider, Jr.

33rd Massachusetts Infantry

Col. James Wood, Jr.

136th New York Infantry

Col. Charles B. Gambee

55th Ohio Infantry

Maj. Samuel H. Hurst

73rd Ohio Infantry

Maj. Gen. Carl Schurz

Commander, 3rd Division

Itineraries of 1st & 3rd Brigades

Maj. Thomas W. Osburn

Chief of Artillery

Capt. Michael Wiedrich

1st New York Artillery

Chief of Artillery

Capt. William Wheeler

13th New York Battery

Lieut. Christopher F. Merkle

Battery G, 4th U.S. Artillery

Brig. Gen. John W. Geary

Commander, 2nd Division

Col. Charles Candy

66th Ohio Infantry

Commander, 1st Brigade

Col. Thomas J. Ahl

28th Pennsylvania Infantry

Col. John H. Patrick

5th Ohio Infantry

Capt. Ernst J. Krieger

7th Ohio Infantry

Col. William T. Fitch

29th Ohio Infantry

Capt. Thomas McConnell

66th Ohio Infantry

Lieut. Col. Ario Pardee, Jr.

147th Pennsylvania Infantry

Col. George A. Cobham, Jr.

111th Pennsylvania Infantry

Commander, 2nd Brigade

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