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Rear Admiral Henry A. Walke




Born: December 24, 1809

Princess Anne County, Virginia







Died: March 8, 1896

Brooklyn, New York



Midshipman: February 1, 1827


Lieutenant: October 5, 1840


Captain: August 4, 1862


Commodore: July 31, 1866


Rear Admiral: July 20, 1870

February 1, 1827: Appointed Midshipmen

Receives initial naval training at Gosport Naval Shipyard

July 1827 - November 1828: Served on the USS Natchez in the campaign against Caribbean pirates

August 1829 - November 1831: Onboard the USS Ontario in the Mediterranean Sea

March 7, 1834: Assigned to Philadelphia Naval Shipyard

January 1836 - June 1839: Assigned to the Pacific Squadron on board the USS North Carolina, a 74-gun ship

October 5, 1840 - 1843: Promoted to Lieutenant before reporting to the USS Boston, a sloop of war

May 1844 - 1846: Served on the brig USS Bainbridge

1847: Participated in the Mexican-American War aboard the USS Vesuvius

June 23, 1849 - January 1851: Served on the USS Cumberland in the Mediterranean Sea

April 22, 1851: Reported to the Naval Observatory

July 17, 1851 - July 17, 1854: Onboard a receiving ship in New York Harbor

January 1861: On board the USS Supply at the Pensacola Naval Yard when Capt. Armstrong surrendered the naval yard

January 16, 1861: Left for New York with loyal officers an ship yard employees

March 15, 1861: Leaves New York with supplies and men for Fort Pickens, Florida and set anchor on April 7

September 1861: Receives orders for special duty at St. Louis, Missouri - Receives command of the USS Tyler, Army's Western Flotilla

September and October 1861: Bombarded Confederate batteries at Hickman and Columbus, Kentucky

November 7, 1861: Supported Gen. Grant at the Battle of Belmont

Mid-January 1862: Assumes command of the Ironclad USS Corondelet

February 1862: Participated in the capture of Forts Henry and Donelson

April 1862: Battle of Island Number 10

April - June 1862: Participated at Plum Point Ben, Fort Pillow, and Memphis

July 15, 1862: USS Carondelet heavily damaged in battle against the CSS Arkansas

August 4, 1862: Promoted to Captain and assumes command of the Ironclad USS Lafayette

February 27, 1863: USS Lafayette placed in commission

April 29, 1863: Duel with shore batteries at Grand Gulf

Early June 1863: Blockade of the mouth of Red River

July 24, 1863: Receives orders back to the East Coast to prepare the side-wheeler USS Fort Jackson

August 18, 1863: Commissioned the USS Fort Jackson

September 22, 1863: Transferred to the screw sloop USS Sacramento - Spent the last two years patrolling the South American coast searching for Confederate commerce raiders

August 15, 1865: Returned home to await orders

July 31, 1866: Promoted to Commodore

May 1, 1868 - April 30, 1870: Commander, Mound City, Illinois Naval Station

July 20, 1870: Promoted to Rear Admiral

April 26, 1871: Placed on Retired List

October 1, 1871: Appointed to the United States Lighthouse Board

April 1, 1873: Retired to a life of writing and sketching 

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