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Battle of Prairie Grove
Confederate Order of Battle

Trans-Mississippi Army

Maj. Gen. Thomas C. Hindman

Shoup's Division

Brig. Gen. Francis A. Shoup

Fagan's Brigade

Brig. Gen. James F. Fagan

Hawthorn's Arkansas Infantry

Col. Alexander T. Hawthorn

22nd (35th) Arkansas Infantry

Col. James P. King

29th (37th) Arkansas Infantry

Col. Joseph C. Pleasants

34th Arkansas Infantry

Col. William H. Brooks

Chew's Arkansas Infantry Battalion

Maj. Robert E. Chew

Blocher's Arkansas Battery

Capt. William D. Blocher

McRae's Brigade

Col. Dandridge McRae

26th Arkansas Infantry Regiment

Col. Asas S. Morgan

28th (36th) Arkansas Infantry

Lieut. Col. John E. Glenn

30th (39th) Arkansas Infantry

Col. Archibald J. McNeill

32nd Arkansas Infantry

Lieut. Col. Charles L. Young (k)

Marshall's Arkansas Battery

Capt. John G. Marshall

Frost's Division

Brig. Gen. Daniel M. Frost

Parson's Brigade

Brig. Gen. Mosby M. Parsons

Mitchell's Missouri Infantry

Lieut. Col. Charles S. Mitchell

7th Missouri Infantry

Col. Josiah H. Caldwell

8th Missouri Infantry

Col. Dewitt C. Hunter

9th Missouri Infantry

Lieut. Col. Willis M. Ponder

10th Missouri Infantry

Col. Alexander E. Steen (k)

9th Missouri Sharpshooters

Maj. Lebbeus A. Pindall

Tilden's Missouri Battery

Capt. Charles B. Tilden

Roane's Brigade

Brig. Gen. John S. Roane

20th Texas Cavalry (dismounted)

Col. Thomas C. Bass

22nd Texas Cavalry (dismounted)

Maj. Robert D. Stone

31st Texas Cavalry (dismounted)

Lieut. Col. George W. Guess

34th Texas Cavalry (dismounted)

Col. Almarine M. Alexander

9th Missouri Infantry

Col. John B. Clark

Reid's Arkansas Battery

Capt. John G. Reid

Shoup's Arkansas Battery

Capt. James C. Shoup

Shaver's Brigade

Col. Robert G. Shaver

Adam's Arkansas Infantry

Col. Charles W. Adams

27th Arkansas Infantry

Col. James R. Shaler

33rd Arkansas Infantry

Col. Hiram L. Grinstead

38th Arkansas Infantry Regiment

Lieut. Col. William C. Adams

Roberts' Missouri Battery

Capt Westley Roberts

Marmaduke's Cavalry Division

Brig. Gen. John S. Marmaduke

Carroll's/Monroe's Brigade

Lieut. Col. James C. Monroe

Carroll's Arkansas Cavalry

Lieut. Col. Lee L. Thomson

Monroe's Arkansas Cavalry

Maj. Andrew N. Johnson

Shelby's Brigade

(Shelby's Raiders)

Col. Joseph O. Shelby

4th Missouri Cavalry

Col. Beal G. Jeans

5th Missouri Cavalry

Col. B. Frank Gordon

6th Missouri Cavalry

Col. Gideon W. Thompson

Elliot's Missouri Cavalry Battalion

Capt. Benjamin Elliott

Quantrill's Company (Missouri)

Lieut. William Gregg

Bledsoe's Missouri Battery

Capt. Joseph Bledsoe

MacDonald's Brigade

Col. Emmett MacDonald

MacDonald's Missouri Cavalry

Lieut. Col. Merrit L. Young

Crump's Texas Cavalry

Lieut. Col. R. Phillip Crump

West's Arkansas Battery

Capt. Henry C. West

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